Usapang lagi kong binabalikan

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Usapan namin ni Prof. Rogelio Ordoñez noon sa Facebook

01/08/2015 1:03PM
Ako: magandang umaga/gabi po Sir! Gusto ko pong maging manunulat gaya ninyo. Baka masyadong nakakamangmang ang tanong ko, pero ano po ba’ng skill set ang dapat kong iimprove o taglayin para maging maayos na manunulat.

01/08/2015 10:43PM
Prof. Ordoñez: una, palawakin ang karanasan at talasan ang obserbasyon at sensibilidad. ang buhay ng masang sambayanan ay mayamang minahan ng brilyanteng mga katotohanan. ingatan ang paggamit sa wika bilang sandata. piliin hanggang maaari ang eksaktong mga salita sa paglalarawan ng anumang bagay. matapos sulatin ang isang piyesa, itago muna kahit tatlong araw. balikan at makikitang may mga maaari pang palakasin at baguhin. the secret of good writing is rewriting. sulat lang nang sulat. darating at darating ang panahon ng pagkikinis at pagpapalakas sa mga obra. itanong kung nasiyahan ka sa sinulat mo. kung hindi, sabi nga, sulating muli.

Ako: Mula sa’king puso, kahit parang korni sa iba, maraming maraming salamat po sa payo’t pagbibigay ng konting oras. Sayanh dahil di ko kayo naging propesor sa Sintang Paaralan. Gayunpaman, nandito na naman ang teknolohiya… Muli, salamat po! Sabi ko nga, kung ako ma’y magsusulat eh gusto ko yung may magagawa para sa lipunan.

Prof. Ordoñez: pakibasa sa website ko ang TUNGKULIN NG MANUNULAT at LITERATURA NG URING ANAKPAWIS kung may panahon ka.

Ako: ok na po… Bale pinafollow ko na rin kayo sa wordpress eh nung nakita ko yung pangalan niyo dun sa sidebar nung app:)

Prof. Ordoñez: salamat at napagtitiyagaan mo ang hamak kong mga obra.

Ako: Walang hamak na alagad ng sining… lalo na’t yung mga obra niyo eh nagsusumigaw sa kwento at kwenta para sa masang pinoy.



Things My First Climb Taught Me

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But I will find new habits, new thoughts, new rules. I will become something else.”
– Tris, Divergent


After a subtle heart break, I decided to do new things this year. I promised to live and explore more so I planned to be more outgoing and physical and that means less time for books and coffee and sleep.  Next to running, climbing is another less-expensive thing to do for this goal. Not only it is less expensive, it has also another level of experience to offer.  Having climbed Mt. Pico de Loro lately let me tell you some of the things I’ve learned from the climb.

  1. A Different Kind of Humility

The traverse humbled me not only because of its beauty but because you really have to face down earth while walking or else stumble- rocks, wild vines and other stuff in the mountain will do the pleasure for ya. But seriously, you really have to bow down while walking especially if it’s your first time but while taking minutes of break please be consumed by the beauty of Mother.

  1. Embracing God’s gift

Need I explain? Well, the more that we see how wonderful our nature here in the Philippines is, the more that we should passionately care and fight for it. This includes not throwing trashes on the traverse at the very least if you can’t pick up the rubbish that was thrown by “animals”.

  1. Handling Fear and Harnessing Willpower

I think climbing is not for everybody. It is not for those who give up easily amidst hard walks and deadly climb. It is not for those who can’t move on while their fear is intense. Fortunately, I learned to harness a good amount of willpower before climbing the Monolith of Pico de Loro but you will really need the help of seasoned climbers also for you to reach the top.

  1. Minimalism

I believe it is one of the major rules of mountaineers to pack light and bring the only necessary stuff before climbing. It has complete correlation with their rules not to leave anything or take anything from the mountain so bring ALL your stuff with you on or before leaving the mountain. If you’ll bring more than you can take, you’ll exhaust yourself and you’ll have a hard time on your way back especially if you have few intervals for rest and long trail.

  1. Congeniality

I really am an introverted person. I am not the type who approaches other people if it’s not necessary. Here in the climb, I was really awed by how certain climbers know other climbers from a different group and here comes fist bumping, chatting, brief catch-ups and suddenly I want that kind of attitude. The masters also teach me to greet everyone you meet along the trail (I really find this rule kinda creepy. Pardon me masters.)

  1. Purification

Learn to breathe and let go of your negativities as you exhale while walking or at the summit. Give it to the trees, the rocks, and the wind. I remembered that I’m there to really drowned by happiness and make myself anew so I have to drop everything. The climb is really a good activity to do for those who want to do some reflection.

catching the morning sun...
catching the morning sun…
Budol fight with co hikers
Budol fight with co hikers
Thriving beauty
Thriving beauty
First glance of the Peek
First glance of the Peek
First checkpoint
First checkpoint
Manning up
Manning up
I made it, baby!
I made it, baby!

RPG and life :)

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Ansarap maglaro ng RPG (Role Playing Game) ‘no? Eto yung may isang character ka na palelevel-in at ikocustomize base sa gusto mong feature and skill. Parang kinareer na kasi ng mga tambay sa’min paglalaro ng iba’t-ibang RPG gaya ng HoN, Cabal, Ragnarok, etc. Iba kasi talaga yung fulfillment na nararamdaman mo ‘pag ang galing ng character mo tapos may rare items/ equipment. Well, I’ve been there. Halos gutumin ko sarili ko nung hayskul para lang makalaro ng dalawang oras araw araw. Kaso mabilis akong magsawa. Wala naman akong character na umabot ng Level 50 🙂

Pero at least naranasan kong ma-high sa kinahiligan din ng iba. May konting aral din akong natutunan dito.

Character Building

Ito ang unang gagawin mo bago magsimula- ang icustomize ang Character mo. Usually, nahahati sa Tanker at Support type ang mga character. Either ikaw yung kukumpronta face to face sa kalaban o ikaw yung susuporta sa iba habang nakikipaglaban sila. Depende sa’yo ‘yan. Sa RPG, kailangang alam mo ang strengths and weaknesses ng character mo. Mahalaga na alam mo rin kung sa’n mag-eexcel ang character mo. Pero kung ikukumpara ko sa buhay, isa ang character building sa essentials ng buhay. Dapat alam mo ang gusto mo. Dapat alam mo kung anong passions mo. Dapat alam mo kung ano’ng purpose mo sa buhay para mamaximize mo ‘to.

Leveling up

Sa Role Playing Games, online man o offline, maglelevel-up ka lang ‘pag tumataas ang XP o experience mo. Magegain ang XP Points after slaying enemies or finishing a quest. Mas mataas ang level mo, mas malalakas ang kalaban. Gaya sa buhay, maglelevel-up ka lang after lording over your problems and finishing your goals.

Party/ Fellowship

May Party din dun. Hindi yun birthday party o disco party ah. Party yung tawag dun sa kukuha ka ng mga kateam mates mo at sabay kayong lalaban or tatapos ng quests and then you share XP points. Nangyayare din yan di’ba? This aspect happens when you can’t beat one burden and you share it with your friend. Pareho naman kayong nagaanan at may natutunan ‘di ba?

Shame on Me?

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January 26, 2015 at 7:08pm

Having been attacked by a mysterious spam/virus early this week showing explicit materials, I believe it made me realize a few things. I know now know how politicians or other people feel after a negative public attack was made against them without a concrete basis. I can somehow sympathize with them now.Yes, in some way I now know how to be irrationally judged and critiqued by the people around you through a very ridiculous reference.

While the spam/virus wreaks havoc on my reputation and on my friends’, I was constantly bombarded by plethora of negative reactions from those on my list of“friends” online and offline. Well, we can only learn from all of the things life throws at us so I’ve reflected and listed the things I have learned from that disastrous event. Here’s my list:

1.  Wise and Genuine People

There are those who were shocked and did nothing after seeing the post made by the spam.There are those who were shocked and PM’d me hate speeches.

But there are those who, after being shocked, comforted and helped me troubleshoot my account.

Now I can sort the people around me from those who are wise and with a heart ready to help and those who are otherwise. I can’t blame the ignorance of the people who bashed me regarding the spam/virus. I believe how they reacted that time is part of their character. And it’ll not hurt to prune or burn bridges from time to time, right?

2.  Good Security know-hows on Facebook

Sham eon me because I took for granted the security measures by Facebook. Now I know the basic and learned to secure my account. That being said, I also want you to explore this feature if you’re still unaware of it.

3.  Life outside Social Media

One important thing that I’ve realized is that there is so much life outside Social Media- easy to say. I admit that I was somewhat blinded by the entertainment it brings that I nearly forgot the essential things I’m missing. After deactivating my account for a week, I was able to catch up with some friends personally and focus on some of my old hobby. I was like myself back before the“Facebook Generation”. Again, I was blinded before but I think the virus mania was the hard way of making me see in full clarity again of the more essential things in life.


4.  The Art of Staying Sane a midst this Crazy Planet

“Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on your breathing. Now, slowly, let go of the feelings of hatred and confusion. This event shall pass.”

This was my mantra while some people hurl negative vibes on me last time. Haha. While being depressed is inevitable that time for me, I constantly reminded myself that that event shall pass and this is part of the things I have to overcome easily.

They might have said “Shame on him.” Well, “Shame on me” not because of the pictures proliferated last week thru the effect of the spam but because I’ve connected ignorantly with the people who will not put me up but bring me down on this kind of situation.

#2 In 2014: The Wake-Up Times Of Famous Authors

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Yes. We’re all wired differently.

101 Books

* 101 Books is out of office this week. But all week I am featuring the top 5 most popular NEW posts (by traffic) in 2014. I’ll return with new posts on January 5. 

You might remember my tirade against morning people a few months ago?

Okay, so it wasn’t really a tirade against anyone—the post was more of a defense of night owls. We’ve been taking a beating the last few years while the trend to praise the morning person as the model of success has gone into overdrive.

As a night owl, I got tired of hearing that I was a slacker, even though I bust my butt getting stuff done after 8 p.m. So I wrote that post.

Then, a few weeks ago, I saw this infographic—which beautifully illustrates everything I tried to articulate in that post.

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Reflections and Hopes

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What had happened this year to my life taught me a lot. I believe I really should reflect on these things because I want to start anew this year. Through enlisting down and reflecting on my flaws and what made me stumble this year. There are heartbreaks, constant financial woes, promotions and there are those who left my life. Well, these things left me scarred but wiser. One of the greatest things I learned is that we should be very careful on putting our trust to people. Not all people value Trust so putting it in wrong people might hurt you. Personal happiness has been an issue last year. I’ve been so gray and blue this last year. I made my mistake of depending my happiness on other people. This made me realize that I should be my own sunshine. I don’t know but sometimes, I tend to embrace my hurt and bitterness- masochist. Well, I’ve come to believe that we should sometimes hold this pain as a motivator and a reminder for us to keep going but not too long to leave our hearts soaked in bitterness. Restratigizing in every aspect is vital. This year, I want to focus on pruning both my relationships and some habits. Restoration of bonds with my lost friends is also on the list. I will change my focus on my family to my career, finances and health. I won’t hope on establishing a new romantic relationship. There would be an emphasis on building self-confidence and self-improvement. I want to be consistently in love to Jesus Christ once again. I want to be consumed first with my love with God and His love for me. I want to prepare myself now for someone who will deserve me and my love. Refocusing my energies will require me strong willpower and hard work but I believe that God will bestow me this strength to overcome my pitfalls and to renew myself.

Wala nang Pake

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Walang pake ang karamihan sa mga Pinoy. Ngayon, parang wala na rin akong pakialam sa burukrasya’t estado ng ating lipunan.

Nung nasa hayskul ako’t kolehiyo, naisip ko’ng balang araw, gusto kong tumulong sa komunidad at sa Inang Bayan. Hehehe. Masyado ako’ng idealistic noon. Masyadong mainit ang damdamin ko noon para makialam sa mga isyung panlipunan na feeling ko responsable ako. Kaya sabi ko ‘pag kaya ko na’ng umaksyon at magkaroon ako ng resources para tumulong, ieextend ko ang kamay ko agad agad.

Humanap ako ng mga kasama. Naisip ko na umpisahan sa mga kaklase. Syet. Ansaya ko nun kasi andaming interesado talagang tulungan ang Alma Mater. Madami pa’rin talagang mabubuting tao. Ilang beses nagplano, nagsiguro at nagpuyat. Nadagdagan kami at nagsign ng commitment form. And here comes the pressure kasi ako nagpauso. Hayun. Naging busy ako. Naging busy lahat. Nilangaw. Nilalangaw pa’rin hanggang ngayon. Aminado naman akong nawalan ako ng gana kakakulit ko at di ko alam kung gusto pa ba nilang ituloy hanggang sa nabugbog ako ng sariling problema. Tapos bigla nalang wala na’kong pake.

Sumali rin ako sa isang volunteer club na may obhetibong tulungan ang ilang bata sa aspetong pinansyal. Hanggang ngayon di parin ako makasama sa meeting at di parin makapag-ambag man lang. Hanggang parang wala na rin akong pake.

Parang bigla bigla nakakulong na’ko sa iron cage ng sarili kong responsibilidad. Parang kailangan ko munang magfocus sa sariling pangangailangan. Ganun din  kaya ang marami sa’tin? Kailangang kumayod, kailangang kumita na muna. Oo nga pala, pa’no mo matutulungan ang iba kung sarili mo di mo matulungan.

Tapos na ba ang “Happily ever after”? Ang nosyon kong makapagbigay ng magandang pagbabago sa lipunan ba eh isang ilusyon lang?